Founding Member and 2020 Board President

Trish Glees is Dundee Township Supervisor and her administration has tackled the challenges of those residents most vulerable in the township. Trish also sits on the following boards: Dundee Township 708 Mental Health Board, Ride in Kane Paratransit Council Chairwoman, Metropolitan Township Assocation President, Township Officials of Kane County Vice President and Kane County Representative to the RTA Advisory Board.

Trish is president of T.G. Consultants and a Professional Project Manager (PMP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Microsoft Partner Engineer (MCSE). She and her husband have been residents of West Dundee since 2003 and have a daugther.


Founding Member and 2020 Board Treasure

Trish Whitecotton 


Founding Member and 2020 Board Secretary

Steve Whitecotton is a life long resident of Dundee Township. He is the Vice-President of Operations of Omni Commerical Group, Inc. Steve has led the charge in preparing the Dundee Township Cares rooms.


Sue Burma - Social Services Director


Rachel Mitchell - Social Services Director


Susan Harney - Open Space Director


June Keibler - Open Space Director


Community Director

Dr. Holly McNeill M.A., Ed.D. is an educator with over 22 years of experience in the Elgin/South Elgin area. She's lived in West Dundee with her husband and daughter since 1999. She is passionate about education, human rights, LGBTQI rights, and making sure our community is actively participating in taking care of each other.